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Lismore Support & Relief

Following the recent record-breaking floods, Lismore was amongst many of the areas left heavily affected. Flood damaged properties to this day still line the street of Lismore. The Lismore City Bowling & Recreation Club was largely impacted.

Campsie RSL Group, alongside many other clubs and a long list of volunteers; including members of Defence, Interior ID, Liberty Gaming, The Pinnacle Club Hurstville, Albion Park RSL, Ingleburn RSL, Rob Adams Refrigeration, Hundal Brothers Removalists, Turbans 4 Australia and IGT Australia came together without hesitation to help bring the Bowlo and local community back to life.

The Group have proudly donated a total of $200, 000 to provide relief for the Lismore community Club. This includes $50, 000 cash and $150, 000 in furniture and other items. Ultimately, assisting with generating electricity back to the iconic club, installing new flooring, poker machines and bases, TV’s, chairs and tables.

Campsie RSL Group are proud supporters of the Lismore City Bowling & Recreation Club and emphasise the importance of supporting and regenerating facilities where possible. After months of hard work and dedication from volunteers, the club is hopeful to re-open their doors to the local community by the end of September 2022.


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