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On 10th September, 1928 the Campsie RSL Sub-branch was officially recognized as a duly established Sub-Branch of the RSL however it was a Club without a home.  Various building committees worked tirelessly raising funds and after a period of 22 years they were able to purchase an army hut to use as club rooms.  Under the chairmanship of Mr C. Stemple, the Club was officially opened on 1st April 1950


Today, Campsie RSL Sub Branch Club Ltd prides itself on being an integral part of such a diverse and thriving community as Campsie, and through its work and support of local charities, schools and organizations we hope to continue being so for many years to come.

Campsie RSL


Under the chairmanship of Mr C. Stemple, the Club was officially opened on 1st April 1950 at 35 Anglo Road, Campsie. Trading hours were – Monday to Friday:  4pm to 6.15pm and 7.30pm to 11pm; Saturdays: 11am to 1.30pm and 21pm to 6.15pn and 7.30pm to 11pm.  Purchase was made of two poker machines with denominations of 6d and 1.


In 1951 at the first AGM they had a total of 60 members. The Club was run by volunteer labour until 1955.

In April 1957 a liquor license was granted with the licensee being the Secretary Manager, Mr W. Allen. After many more building committees and extensions the Club as we know it today was officially opened on 13th December 1969, by the Hon. R.W. Askin, Premier of  NSW.

Board of Directors
Board of Directors
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J. Roser


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G. Brian

Vice President

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I. Tilmouth



G. O’Beirne



K. Button


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C. Anderson


Annual Reports
Our Re-Branding Journey

At Campsie RSL we pride ourselves on our heritage, our customer service and our commitment to the Community. While we were very aware of our character, we were not sure our brand reflected it appropriately. We are also developing at a rapid pace and need a brand that can be widely and instantly recognised throughout the entire community. To that end we decided to take a good hard look at our brand.


We started with meetings of the Board and Management to discuss our strategies, who we really are and the set of principles and core values we live by. It was imperative these were reflected in the new brand. We discussed at length our current brand and what it said about us and what we wanted the new brand to say.


From here we took a look at what we wanted it to look like, what elements we thought needed to be included to portray our heritage and our future. Our new logo brings with it a whole new colour palette and imagery guidelines. You will see a change in our advertising and print material, stationary and signage. We hope you like it!


Our New Logo – A Rationale

Upon deciding how we want to be perceived in the community, we developed a new logo. The main Campsie logo is a strong C indicating the strong reliability of Campsie RSL within the community. The flames within the C are an acknowledgment to our RSL heritage, the eternal flame will always burn for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The colours for the logo are indicative of strength and our multi -cultural community. Finally, the tagline is a clear statement of our priorities, Club…Community….Commitment. Putting our community first. The community is always at the heart of all our business decisions . Our commitment to providing the very best facilities and developments to the Campsie community is steadfast and resolute.


Our new logo says exactly who we are and what we do.

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